No. Title Author Year
1 Fine-Grained Complexity of k-OPT in Bounded-Degree Graphs for Solving TSP Bonnet, Édouard et al. 2019
2 Tight Lower Bounds for List Edge Coloring Kowalik, Lukasz et al. 2018
3 Improving TSP Tours Using Dynamic Programming over Tree Decompositions Cygan, Marek et al. 2017
4 Tight Lower Bounds for the Complexity of Multicoloring Bonamy, Marthe et al. 2017
5 On the Fine-Grained Complexity of Rainbow Coloring Kowalik, Lukasz et al. 2016
6 Linear Kernels for Outbranching Problems in Sparse Digraphs Bonamy, Marthe et al. 2015
7 Probably Optimal Graph Motifs Björklund, Andreas et al. 2013
8 08431 Open Problems -- Moderately Exponential Time Algorithms Fomin, Fedor V. et al. 2008
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