No. Title Author Year
1 Improved NP-Hardness of Approximation for Orthogonality Dimension and Minrank Chawin, Dror et al. 2023
2 A Fixed-Parameter Algorithm for the Kneser Problem Haviv, Ishay 2022
3 A Fixed-Parameter Algorithm for the Schrijver Problem Haviv, Ishay 2022
4 On the Binary and Boolean Rank of Regular Matrices Haviv, Ishay et al. 2022
5 The (Generalized) Orthogonality Dimension of (Generalized) Kneser Graphs: Bounds and Applications Golovnev, Alexander et al. 2021
6 The Complexity of Finding Fair Independent Sets in Cycles Haviv, Ishay 2021
7 Approximating the Orthogonality Dimension of Graphs and Hypergraphs Haviv, Ishay 2019
8 On Minrank and Forbidden Subgraphs Haviv, Ishay 2018
9 On Minrank and the Lovász Theta Function Haviv, Ishay 2018
10 The List-Decoding Size of Fourier-Sparse Boolean Functions Haviv, Ishay et al. 2015
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