No. Title Author Year
1 A Structural Investigation of the Approximability of Polynomial-Time Problems Bringmann, Karl et al. 2022
2 Dynamic Time Warping Under Translation: Approximation Guided by Space-Filling Curves Bringmann, Karl et al. 2022
3 Towards Sub-Quadratic Diameter Computation in Geometric Intersection Graphs Bringmann, Karl et al. 2022
4 Fine-Grained Completeness for Optimization in P Bringmann, Karl et al. 2021
5 The Fine-Grained Complexity of Multi-Dimensional Ordering Properties An, Haozhe et al. 2021
6 Finding Small Satisfying Assignments Faster Than Brute Force: A Fine-Grained Perspective into Boolean Constraint Satisfaction Künnemann, Marvin et al. 2020
7 When Lipschitz Walks Your Dog: Algorithm Engineering of the Discrete Fréchet Distance Under Translation Bringmann, Karl et al. 2020
8 A Fine-Grained Analogue of Schaefer's Theorem in P: Dichotomy of Exists^k-Forall-Quantified First-Order Graph Properties Bringmann, Karl et al. 2019
9 Walking the Dog Fast in Practice: Algorithm Engineering of the Fréchet Distance Bringmann, Karl et al. 2019
10 On Nondeterministic Derandomization of Freivalds' Algorithm: Consequences, Avenues and Algorithmic Progress Künnemann, Marvin 2018
11 Tight Conditional Lower Bounds for Longest Common Increasing Subsequence Duraj, Lech et al. 2018
12 On the Fine-Grained Complexity of One-Dimensional Dynamic Programming Künnemann, Marvin et al. 2017
13 Improved Protocols and Hardness Results for the Two-Player Cryptogenography Problem Doerr, Benjamin et al. 2016
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