No. Title Author Year
1 Downward Self-Reducibility in TFNP Harsha, Prahladh et al. 2023
2 Mixing of 3-Term Progressions in Quasirandom Groups Bhangale, Amey et al. 2022
3 Vanishing Spaces of Random Sets and Applications to Reed-Muller Codes Bhandari, Siddharth et al. 2022
4 Explicit SoS Lower Bounds from High-Dimensional Expanders Dinur, Irit et al. 2021
5 Ideal-Theoretic Explanation of Capacity-Achieving Decoding Bhandari, Siddharth et al. 2021
6 On Multilinear Forms: Bias, Correlation, and Tensor Rank Bhrushundi, Abhishek et al. 2020
7 Improved 3LIN Hardness via Linear Label Cover Harsha, Prahladh et al. 2019
8 Boolean Function Analysis on High-Dimensional Expanders Dikstein, Yotam et al. 2018
9 From Local to Robust Testing via Agreement Testing Dinur, Irit et al. 2018
10 On the Probabilistic Degree of OR over the Reals Bhandari, Siddharth et al. 2018
11 Multiplayer Parallel Repetition for Expanding Games Dinur, Irit et al. 2017
12 On Polynomial Approximations Over Z/2^kZ* Bhrushundi, Abhishek et al. 2017
13 Embedding Approximately Low-Dimensional l_2^2 Metrics into l_1 Deshpande, Amit et al. 2016
14 On Polynomial Approximations to AC^0 Harsha, Prahladh et al. 2016
15 Partition Bound Is Quadratically Tight for Product Distributions Harsha, Prahladh et al. 2016
16 Robust Multiplication-Based Tests for Reed-Muller Codes Harsha, Prahladh et al. 2016
17 A Characterization of Hard-to-cover CSPs Bhangale, Amey et al. 2015
18 Derandomized Graph Product Results Using the Low Degree Long Code Dinur, Irit et al. 2015
19 Front Matter, Table of Contents, Preface, Conference Organization Harsha, Prahladh et al. 2015
20 A Strong Direct Product Theorem for the Tribes Function via the Smooth-Rectangle Bound Harsha, Prahladh et al. 2013
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