No. Title Author Year
1 The Strength of Equality Oracles in Communication Pitassi, Toniann et al. 2023
2 Extremely Deep Proofs Fleming, Noah et al. 2022
3 Lifting with Sunflowers Lovett, Shachar et al. 2022
4 Secret Sharing, Slice Formulas, and Monotone Real Circuits Applebaum, Benny et al. 2022
5 Algebraic Proof Systems (Invited Talk) Pitassi, Toniann 2021
6 On the Power and Limitations of Branch and Cut Fleming, Noah et al. 2021
7 On the Pseudo-Deterministic Query Complexity of NP Search Problems Goldwasser, Shafi et al. 2021
8 Nondeterministic and Randomized Boolean Hierarchies in Communication Complexity Pitassi, Toniann et al. 2020
9 Progress in Lifting and Applications in Lower Bounds (Invited Talk) Pitassi, Toniann 2019
10 Query-To-Communication Lifting for BPP Using Inner Product Chattopadhyay, Arkadev et al. 2019
11 Short Proofs Are Hard to Find Mertz, Ian et al. 2019
12 Hardness of Function Composition for Semantic Read once Branching Programs Edmonds, Jeff et al. 2018
13 On the Communication Complexity of High-Dimensional Permutations Linial, Nati et al. 2018
14 Stabbing Planes Beame, Paul et al. 2018
15 Query-to-Communication Lifting for P^NP Göös, Mika et al. 2017
16 Randomized Communication vs. Partition Number Göös, Mika et al. 2017
17 Lower Bounds for Nondeterministic Semantic Read-Once Branching Programs Cook, Stephen et al. 2016
18 The Landscape of Communication Complexity Classes Göös, Mika et al. 2016
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