No. Title Author Year
1 A Positive Fraction Erdős-Szekeres Theorem and Its Applications Suk, Andrew et al. 2022
2 Sunflowers in Set Systems of Bounded Dimension Fox, Jacob et al. 2021
3 Bounded VC-Dimension Implies the Schur-Erdős Conjecture Fox, Jacob et al. 2020
4 On Grids in Point-Line Arrangements in the Plane Mirzaei, Mozhgan et al. 2019
5 Semi-Algebraic Colorings of Complete Graphs Fox, Jacob et al. 2019
6 Erdös-Hajnal Conjecture for Graphs with Bounded VC-Dimension Fox, Jacob et al. 2017
7 Semi-algebraic Ramsey Numbers Suk, Andrew 2015
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