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1 Intersection Queries for Flat Semi-Algebraic Objects in Three Dimensions and Related Problems Agarwal, Pankaj K. et al. 2022
2 Intersection Searching Amid Tetrahedra in 4-Space and Efficient Continuous Collision Detection Ezra, Esther et al. 2022
3 On Ray Shooting for Triangles in 3-Space and Related Problems Ezra, Esther et al. 2021
4 On Rich Lenses in Planar Arrangements of Circles and Related Problems Ezra, Esther et al. 2021
5 Subquadratic Algorithms for Some 3Sum-Hard Geometric Problems in the Algebraic Decision Tree Model Aronov, Boris et al. 2021
6 Testing Polynomials for Vanishing on Cartesian Products of Planar Point Sets Aronov, Boris et al. 2020
7 An Efficient Algorithm for Generalized Polynomial Partitioning and Its Applications Agarwal, Pankaj K. et al. 2019
8 A Nearly Quadratic Bound for the Decision Tree Complexity of k-SUM Ezra, Esther et al. 2017
9 On the Beck-Fiala Conjecture for Random Set Systems Ezra, Esther et al. 2016
10 Two Proofs for Shallow Packings Dutta, Kunal et al. 2015
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