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1 Dynamic Data Structures for Timed Automata Acceptance Grez, Alejandro et al. 2021
2 Equivalence of Finite-Valued Streaming String Transducers Is Decidable Muscholl, Anca et al. 2019
3 On Synthesis of Resynchronizers for Transducers Bose, Sougata et al. 2019
4 The Many Facets of String Transducers (Invited Talk) Muscholl, Anca et al. 2019
5 Origin-Equivalence of Two-Way Word Transducers Is in PSPACE Bose, Sougata et al. 2018
6 Resynchronizing Classes of Word Relations Descotte, María Emilia et al. 2018
7 On the Decomposition of Finite-Valued Streaming String Transducers Gallot, Paul et al. 2017
8 Minimizing Resources of Sweeping and Streaming String Transducers Baschenis, Félix et al. 2016
9 One-way Definability of Sweeping Transducer Baschenis, Félix et al. 2015
10 Decidability of the Interval Temporal Logic ABB over the Natural Numbers Montanari, Angelo et al. 2010
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