No. Title Author Year
1 (Sub)linear Kernels for Edge Modification Problems Towards Structured Graph Classes Bathie, Gabriel et al. 2021
2 Brief Announcement: Local Certification of Graph Decompositions and Applications to Minor-Free Classes Bousquet, Nicolas et al. 2021
3 PACE Solver Description: PaSTEC - PAths, Stars and Twins to Edit Towards Clusters Bartier, Valentin et al. 2021
4 PACE Solver Description: μSolver - Heuristic Track Bartier, Valentin et al. 2021
5 Linear Transformations Between Dominating Sets in the TAR-Model Bousquet, Nicolas et al. 2020
6 On Girth and the Parameterized Complexity of Token Sliding and Token Jumping Bartier, Valentin et al. 2020
7 Reconfiguration of Spanning Trees with Many or Few Leaves Bousquet, Nicolas et al. 2020
8 Linear Transformations Between Colorings in Chordal Graphs Bousquet, Nicolas et al. 2019
9 Parameterized Complexity of Independent Set in H-Free Graphs Bonnet, Édouard et al. 2019
10 The Perfect Matching Reconfiguration Problem Bonamy, Marthe et al. 2019
11 When Maximum Stable Set Can Be Solved in FPT Time Bonnet, Édouard et al. 2019
12 Graph coloring, communication complexity and the stubborn problem (Invited talk) Bousquet, Nicolas et al. 2013
13 A Polynomial Kernel for Multicut in Trees Bousquet, Nicolas et al. 2009
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