No. Title Author Year
1 Dynamic Size Counting in Population Protocols Doty, David et al. 2022
2 Simulating 3-Symbol Turing Machines with SIMD||DNA Doty, David et al. 2022
3 Computing Properties of Thermodynamic Binding Networks: An Integer Programming Approach Haley, David et al. 2021
4 Message Complexity of Population Protocols Amir, Talley et al. 2020
5 scadnano: A Browser-Based, Scriptable Tool for Designing DNA Nanostructures Doty, David et al. 2020
6 Brief Announcement: Exact Size Counting in Uniform Population Protocols in Nearly Logarithmic Time Doty, David et al. 2018
7 Hardness of Computing and Approximating Predicates and Functions with Leaderless Population Protocols Belleville, Amanda et al. 2017
8 Pattern Overlap Implies Runaway Growth in Hierarchical Tile Systems Chen, Ho-Lin et al. 2015
9 Intrinsic Universality in Self-Assembly Doty, David et al. 2010
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