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Visualization of large and unstructured data sets S-07, 125-137 (2007).

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Pointcloudxplore 2: visual exploration of 3D gene expression

O. R\ddot Ubel , G. H. Weber , M. -Y. Huang , E. W. Bethel , S. V. E. Ker\ddot Anen , C. C. Fowlkes , C. L. Luengo Hendriks , A. H. Depace , L. Simirenko , M. B. Eisen , M. D. Biggin , H. Hagen , J. Malik , D. W. Knowles and B. Hamann


To better understand how developmental regulatory networks are defined in the genome sequence, the Berkeley Drosophila Transcription Network Project (BD- NTP) has developed a suite of methods to describe 3D gene expression data, i.e., the output of the network at cellular resolution for multiple time points. To allow researchers to explore these novel data sets we have developed PointCloudXplore (PCX).

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