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European Conference on eHealth 2006, Proceedings of the ECEH'06, Fribourg, Switzerland, October 12-13, 2006 P-91, 37-46 (2006).



Henrik Stormer, Andreas Meier, Michael Schumacher (eds.)


Process-based E-service-\log istics for healthcare networks

Günter Schicker and Freimut Bodendorf


Coordination in healthcare networks becomes increasingly important to enable integrated care scenarios, to enhance patient satisfaction and to reduce costs of the treatment processes. A process-oriented approach for coordination in healthcare networks is introduced. It shows how interorganizational treatment processes can be supported by the concept of process-based e-service-\log istics. The allocation of e-services is based on a model describing services and coordination tasks between roles in a healthcare network. The underlying systems architecture is presented. A solution for the (semi-) automated individualization of process-based e-service-\log istics based on Case Based Reasoning (CBR) technology is discussed.

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ISBN 978-3-88579-185-0

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