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NODe 2006, GSEM 2006, Erfurt, Germany, 18-20 September 2006 P-88, 163-178 (2006).



Robert Hirschfeld, Andreas Polze, Ryszard Kowalczyk (eds.)


Expansion-based Service Workflow Replanning with Limited Change

Jian Feng Zhang , Ryszard Kowalczyk and Boris Wu


Service Oriented Architecture and Web Services provide an integration infrastructure for service workflow composition and execution. Many planning techniques can be facilitated to construct the service workflow at a building phase (planning), however, it is difficult and challenging to maintain the qualities of service workflow at execution phase, as the delayed response time, the limited throughput and service faults are common that often violate, or fail the service goals. Then service workflow re-planning should be in place in order to deal with the unpredictable situations during service workflow execution. In this paper, we consider an expansion-based replanning algorithm with the use of a limited change strategy. It addresses the problem of least affecting the original service workflow structure whiles the service goals of the workflow remains valid. We will show simulation results of the proposed replanning strategy based on experiments with service workflow replanning. The results of the simulation are analyzed for the consideration of further research.

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