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Information SystemsTechnology and its Applications, 5th International Conference ISTA 2006, May 30-31 2006, Klagenfurt, Austria P-84, 107-118 (2006).



Dimitris Karagiannis, Heinrich C. Mayr (eds.)


A JXTA-based music information retrieval system

Hyosook Jung and Seongbin Park


In this paper, we present a JXTA-based system for contents-based music information retrieval. The system finds matching melodies from a set of XML documents that encode music contents. The XML documents are stored in a native XML database and XPath query language is used to extract the information about the structure of music data. The matching algorithm utilizes the geometric hashing technique [Wo97] by analyzing geometric properties of both XML documents and music contents. The system preprocesses extracted music contents and stores the information about melody patterns in a relational database. When a user sends a query about a melody, it searches melody patterns that have similar geometric properties as the query melody.

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