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Information SystemsTechnology and its Applications, 5th International Conference ISTA 2006, May 30-31 2006, Klagenfurt, Austria P-84, 39-50 (2006).



Dimitris Karagiannis, Heinrich C. Mayr (eds.)


An investigation of the target environment for agile methods

Diane Strode and Alexey Tretiakov


The agile methods were investigated to determine the factors making up their target environment. A theoretical model of the target environment for agile methods was developed and then tested using a multi-case study. Data from nine software development projects, both agile and non-agile, was gathered from project leaders. Then a cross-case analysis of each factor in the theoretical model explored the relationship between each of the environmental factors and the extent of agile method usage. This led to a refined model of the target environment. The empirical data showed that specific environmental factors correlate with effective use of an agile method. We also report that methods are tailored for use, and that, although agile methods are distinct from ad hoc development, the extent of agile method use must be measured before conclusions from agile method studies can be considered valid.

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