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Modellierung 2006, 22.-24. März 2006, Innsbruck, Tirol, Austria P-82, 213-222 (2006).



Heinrich C. Mayr (ed.), Ruth Breu (ed.)


Tool support for architecture stratification

Thomas Kühne , Martin Girschick and Felix Klar


Architecture Stratification is a technique for describing and developing complex software systems on multiple levels of abstractions. In this paper we present an approach and a corresponding implementation-in the form of a Fujaba pluginfor refining models including their behavior. Our plugin enables Fujaba models to be annotated with refinement directives and supports the definition of corresponding refinement transformations with a combination of “Story-Driven-Modeling” and Java code. In this paper we motivate architecture stratification, describe how to define and use transformations, and present a case study.

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