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WEWoRC 2005 -Western European Workshop on Research in Cryptology P-74, 109-122 (2005).

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Christopher Wolf, Stefan Lucks, Po-Wah Yau (eds.)

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Issues on designing a cryptographic compiler

Stefan Lucks , Nico Schmoigl and Emin Islam Tatlı


Flawed implementations of security protocols is a major source of real world security problems. Typically, security protocols are specified in some “highlevel” way and may even be formally proven secure. Implementing them in practical (and comparatively low-level) source code has turned out to be error-prone. This paper introduces an experimental language for high-level protocol specifications and describes a tool to automatically compile source code from these specifications. C. Wolf, S. Lucks, P.-W. Yau (Eds.): WEWoRC 2005, LNI P-74, pp. 109-122, 2005. c Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.

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