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Electronic Voting in Europe - Technology, Law, Politics and Society, Workshop of the ESF TED Programme together with GI and OCG, July, 7th-9th, 2004, in Schloß Hofen / Bregenz, Lake of Constance P-47, 121-131 (2004).

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Alexander Prosser, Robert Krimmer (eds.)

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How security problems can compromise remote internet voting systems

Guido Schryen


Remote Internet voting systems still suffer from many security problems which rely on the clients, the servers, and the network connections. Denial-ofservice attacks and viruses still belong to the most challenging security issues. Projects and studies like the “Voting Technology Project” of CALTECH and MIT or SERVE of the US Department of Defense set up to gain experience evidence many of the notional weaknesses of current Internet voting systems.

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