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Modellierung 2004, Proceedings zur Tagung, 23.-26. März 2004, Marburg, Proceedings. P-45, 13-29 (2004).

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Bernhard Rumpe (ed.), Wolfgang Hesse (ed.)

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Modeling business processes with BPEL4WS

Frank Leymann and Dieter Roller


Business Process Execution Language for Web Services (BPEL4WS) allows defining both, business processes that make use of Web services, and business processes that externalize their functionality as Web services. This short paper introduces the basic language elements of BPEL4WS using a simple example. The concepts underlying the language are briefly explained: Establishing bilateral partnerships, correlating messages and processes, defining the order of the activities of a business process, event handling, handling exceptions via longrunning transactions, the resulting programming model, and the usage of BPEL4WS in pure B2B scenarios.

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