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BTW 2003, Datenbanksysteme für Business, Technologie und Web, Tagungsband der 10. BTWKonferenz, 26.-28. Februar 2003, Leipzig. P-26, 98-107 (2003).

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Gerhard Weikum (ed.), Harald Schöning (ed.), Erhard Rahm (ed.)

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Catalog integration made easy (Kurzbeitrag)

Pedro Jose Marron , Georg Lausen and Martin Weber


In this paper, we study adaptive evaluation techniques for querying XML- based electronic catalogs, and show, by means of experiments performed on real-world catalogs, that our approach can be used to integrate them with virtually zero effort at start-up time, and a small constant factor needed to perform the adaptive evaluation for all subsequent queries. We reach the conclusion that, from a strictly technical perspective, the classic role of the global catalog can be assumed in an ad-hoc manner by any catalog that forms part of a collaborative federation of XML-based catalogs, and implements our adaptive query algorithms, independently of the storage model used to access its contents.

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