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Enterprise modelling and information systems architectures P-248, 109-123 (2015).

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A conceptual architecture for an event-based information aggregation engine in smart logitics

Anne Baumgrass , Cristina Cabanillas and Claudio Di Ciccio


The field of Smart Logistics is attracting interest in several areas of research, including Business Process Management. A wide range of research works are carried out to enhance the capability of monitoring the execution of ongoing logistics processes and predict their likely evolvement. In order to do this, it is crucial to have in place an IT infrastructure that provides the capability of automatically intercepting the digitalised transportation-related events stemming from widespread sources, along with their elaboration, interpretation and dispatching. In this context, we present here the service-oriented software architecture of such an event-based information engine. In particular, we describe the requisites that it must meet. Thereafter, we present the interfaces and subsequently the service-oriented components that are in charge of realising them. The outlined architecture is being utilised as the reference model for an ongoing European research project on Smart Logistics, namely GET Service.

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