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Informatik 2014 P-232, 2133-2144 (2014).

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Interface definition and code generation in heterogeneous development environments from a single-source

Dominik Bauch , David Lenz , Pascal Minnerup and Andrei Avram


Typical automotive software development involves a broad spectrum of development environments and this leads to friction loss, unnecessary efforts and inconsistencies discovered later in the development process. In this paper we advocate that language engineering technologies can be used for the interface definition and code generation in order to glue artifacts and to support the work within such heterogeneous development environments. For our implementation we used the domain specific language stack mbeddr based on the Meta Programming System (MPS) from JetBrains. We show our preliminary experience with our method gained during the work on a component-based, distributed advanced driver assistant system. The system has to be realized for both the automotive specific prototyping framework ADTF in combination with MATLAB/Simulink and the AUTOSAR RTE middleware. With the help of the proposed approach, we were able to generate large redundant parts of the software system including different interface representations with only small modifications of the existing architecture.

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