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Automated generation of AUTOSAR description file for safety-critical software architectures

Georg Macher , Eric Armengaud and Christian Kreiner


Automotive embedded systems have become very complex, are strongly integrated, and the safety-criticality of these systems pose new challenges. Distributed system development, short time-to-market intervals, and automotive safety standards (such as ISO 26262) require efficient and consistent product development along the entire development lifecycle. The de-facto industry standard AUTOSAR aims to standardize an open automotive software architecture and framework to facilitate the exchange of information across company boundaries for the software development process. However, providing consistency of the safety concept during the entire product life cycle is a tedious task. The aim of this paper is to enhance a model-driven system and safety-engineering framework with AUTOSAR aligned software-architecture design. This approach is part of a tool-chain solution enabling the seamless description of safety-critical systems, from requirements at the system level down to software component implementation. To that aim a tool bridge is proposed in order to seamlessly transfer artifacts from system development level to software development level based on AUTOSAR exchange format files.

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