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Realizing the predictive enterprise through intelligent process predictions based on big data analytics: A case study and architecture proposal

Julian Krumeich , Jens Schimmelpfennig , Dirk Werth and Peter Loos


Today's globalized economy forces companies more than ever to constantly adapt their business process executions to present business situations. Companies that are able to analyze the current state of their processes and moreover forecast its most optimal progress as well as proactively control them based on reliable predictions will be a decisive step ahead competitors. The paper at hands examines, based on a case study stemming from the steel manufacturing industry, which production-related data is currently collectable using state of the art sensor technologies forming a potential foundation for a detailed situation awareness and derivation of accurate forecasts. An analysis of this data however shows that its full potential cannot be utilized without dedicated approaches of big data analytics. By proposing an architecture for implementing predictive enterprise systems, the article intends to form a working and discussion basis for further research and implementation efforts in big data analytics.

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