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Operating the HPI future SOC lab - an infrastructure laboratory for researchers - A practitioners' report

Rami Akkad , Henning Schmitz and André Deienno Pansani


The Hasso-Plattner Institute (HPI) Future Service Oriented Computing (SOC) Lab is a research institution of the HPI in Potsdam. It aims at enabling and fostering the exchange between industry and academia. Researchers are provided with free-of-charge access to state-of-the art software and hardware. The HPI Future SOC Lab hosts events for researchers and industry representatives to create a forum in which research ideas and results are discussed. The administration and operation of the lab requires processes for data life cycle management, privacy and security concepts, data backups and restores, provisioning techniques, and data center monitoring. In this report we will give insights into how the FSOC Lab is operated and what processes are in place.

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