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Design of processing chamber based on the flow uniformity

Huang Zun-Di , Yang Tie-Niu , Li Chang-Ming , Huang Hui , Zhang Qi-Li and Hou Shu-Guang


Orthogonal experimental design and flow field simulation are applied to the mechanical design reasonably in this paper. Based on the flow uniformity, design of processing chamber is completed. The results show that, Spalart- Allmaras one-equation turbulence model is effective for the shear flow simulation of wall in processing chamber with a low Reynolds number; design of showerhead is critical, which directly affects the distribution of flow field inside, as well as the etching effect; the location of exhaust port under the chamber scarcely affect the distribution of wind speed nearby the substrate, so gas exhaust unit is designed in the view of mechanical, in order to make the whole processing chamber achieve the dual effect of beauty and utility.

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