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Surglink: cross-media linking in the operating room

Yihan Deng


The clinical daily work is accompanied by different types of patient records. A successful diagnostic and therapeutic process relies on efficient access and comprehension of a patient's status. With the proceeding of treatment, the physician can easily be overwhelmed by the rapid growth in data volume of patient records. In particular, the information seeking and navigation between different media consume tremendous time and labor. Due to the lack of a cross-media connection, the retrieval of similar cases and a causality analysis among the heterogeneous data sources can merely be conducted by hand. This paper presents the preliminary stage of the PhD study and tries to raise and explain the main research questions for finding an approach to crossmedia linking in the operation room. First of all, the status quo of the multimedia data storage in clinical context is introduced. Second, the special requirement of crossmedia linking in the operating room is presented. Finally, the connection possibilities between different media and the feasibility of the cross-media linking are discussed.

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