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Informatik 2014 P-232, 491-498 (2014).

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Facility management in the context of self-organisation

Eric Forkel , Janek Götze , Michael Clauß and Christan-Andreas Schumann


Nowadays there is a rise of complexity in most areas of planning, managing and executing modern production systems. One part is the facility management. Processes such as approval and maintenance in the production systems environment are important for modern companies. These processes generate enormous data during the lifecycle of a production system. The approach of self-organisation supports the handling of these data among others. In this position paper, a concept of a modern facility management with semantic technologies and augmented reality will be introduced at the beginning. Then a definition of three different conceptual use cases of self-organisation in the context of facility management will be illustrated. At the end, the adaption of contexts for supporting self-organized systems will be shown in this conceptual paper.

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