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Informatik 2014 P-232, 2055-2056 (2014).

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Study of design method for tangible user interface

Xinyu Guan , Jingyan Qin , Yuemin Hou and Ji Linhong


The third industrial revolution facilitated the rapid development of Tangible User Interface (TUI) in Internet of Things (IOT). The concept of TUI broke through the limitation of traditional Graphical User Interface (GUI). By giving objects digital information, the objects in our daily life can be transformed to the tangible interfaces between human and the digital world. Fully using daily life experience, the atoms and the bits can be combined perfectly, which gave the human-computer interaction (HCI) a new meaning. This paper involved the development of HCI, principles and evaluation criteria of human-computer interface design, the characteristics of TUI and in end proposed the method for TUI design.

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