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Towards a big data-based technical customer service management

Deniz Özcan , Michael Fellmann and Oliver Thomas


The increasing use of Information Systems (IS) in diverse business sectors and the growing degree of mobility has changed the traditional use of Information Technologies (IT) in the economy. While Big Data is a current issue in the telecommunication and trade sector, high data intensity is also in the service sector given. Especially in the Technical Customer Service (TCS) area, a large variety of information and data exist that are needed for a service process or that result from them. In this paper, a conceptual framework for Big Data-based Service Management of the TCS is presented revealing opportunities and improvements for both product and service development. These opportunities lead to generating value from the use of large datasets and applying advanced analytical methods to increase efficiency and service quality. Finally, with the help of the framework an optimized Product-Service-Lifecylce Management is envisioned.

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