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Cooperative-intrinsic planning and model-driven design of business information systems

Sebastian Bittmann


The planning and design of information systems is an increasingly complex and challenging task. With respect to recent developments regarding an individual as a constituting and highly creative impact on the respective organizational structures and application systems, methods are required for a sophisticated inclusion of these actors in the design of information systems. Therewith, the roles of system analysts shift from a prescribing and governmental role to a supportive actor that targets a resource-orientated vision of business information systems. Because of that methods and techniques are required that support the elicitation of potential and the effort for a collaborative identification of a development direction. “Cooperative-intrinsic” refers to the inclusion of any individual of an information system in the act of planning, in order to support agility and flexibility of an enterprise. Model-driven design aims at the support by enterprise models for the analyses and clarification of information systems, to prevent alignment faults, errors and redundancy. Furthermore, technologies need to be adapted purposefully to support the agility and flexibility of modern industries by cooperative-intrinsic planning and model-driven design of business information systems.

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