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Informatik 2014 P-232, 2245-2256 (2014).

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Querying probabilistic ontologies with SPARQL

Joerg Schoenfisch


In recent years a lot of efforts was put into the field of Semantic Web research to specify knowledge as precisely as possible. However, optimizing for precision alone is not sufficient. The handling of uncertain or incomplete information is getting more and more important and it promises to significantly improve the quality of query answering in Semantic Web applications. My plan is to develop a framework that extends the rich semantics offered by ontologies with probabilistic information, stores this in a probabilistic database and provides query answering with the help of query rewriting. In this proposal I describe how these three aspects can be combined. Especially, I am focusing on how uncertainty is incorporated into the ABox and how it is handled by the database and the rewriter during query answering.

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