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Status report of bwfdm-communities - A state wide research data management initiative

Frank Tristram , Dennis Wehrle , Uğur Çayoğlu , Jessica Rex and Dirk Von Suchodoletz


Research data are valuable goods that are often only reproducible with significant effort or, in the case of unique observations, not at all. Scientists focus on data analysis and its results. By now, data exploration is accepted as a fourth scientific pillar (next to experiments, theory, and simulation). A main prerequisite for easy data exploration is successful data management. A holistic approach includes all phases of a data lifecycle: data generation, data analysis, data ingest, data preservation, data access, reusage and long term preservation. Tackling the challenge of increasing complexity in managing research data, the objective of bwFDM-Communities is to expose problems of research communities.1 To achieve this goal, the project's key account managers enter into a dialogue with all relevant research groups at each university in Baden- Württemberg. Next to the identification of best practices, possible developments will be determined together with the scientists.

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