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Process modeling of dynamics-driven structural design of high-tech semiconductor fabrication equipment

Luo Xin , Liang Chengyuan and Chen Xuedong


High-tech semiconductor fabrication equipment is dynamics-sensitive due to its ultra-precision requirements. Significant structural innovations have been made characterized by floating support and direct drive in order to eliminate effects of friction and vibration transfer. Nevertheless, complicate dynamic characteristics of multi-physics coupling, among electricity, magnetism, fluid, solid, heat, should be deliberately concerned in such kind of systems. Dynamicsdriven design is essential to the success of development. However, lack of integrated design tool embarrasses the efficiency of design work and reuse of design knowledge. This paper proposes a process-driven dynamics design approach. Process control is involved to guide designers to accomplish design work. Dynamics model of components used in high-tech semiconductor fabrication equipment are abstracted and encapsulated as set of templates. In this paper, process meta-model based on XML are detailed, and a process test tool is developed to facilitate customization process modeling by simple graphical operations and attributes assignment.

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