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Informatik 2014 P-232, 1675-1685 (2014).

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Looking beyond data through the ages

Dennis Wehrle , Wiebke Van Ekeris and Uli Hahn


Accessing data has always been crucial in order to get access to (cultural) knowledge. But in the new ages different challenges arise to keep complex data accessible. Concerning these challenges a linguistic use case, which has been set up in 1993, serves as an example to show that it might be hard to re-enact an old system in order to reuse its research data and processes. Re-enacting the old system showed that other crucial points emerge in the context of research data management that need attention. In order to increase the probability of gaining access to research data in the future Data Management Plans can be identified as central tool. Although preservation of and creating access to data is a global task, the scientific management of data is still strongly shaped through national regulations and practices and hence delivers a quite fragmented picture.

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