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Sicherheit 2014 -- Sicherheit, Schutz und Zuverlässigkeit P-228, 375-390 (2014).

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Fingerprinting techniques for target-oriented investigations in network forensics

Dominik Herrmann , Karl-Peter Fuchs and Hannes Federrath


Fingerprinting techniques are receiving widespread attention in the field of information security. In this paper we argue that they may be of specific interest for the field of network forensics. In three case studies, we explore the use of fingerprinting techniques to improve and extend current investigative methods and showcase why fingerprinting allows for more target-oriented investigations than current practices. In each case study, we review the applicability of the current state of the art from the field of information security. The paper is intended to be a starting point for a discussion about the opportunities and concerns that may result from using evidence gained by fingerprinting techniques in criminal investigations.

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