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Modellierung 2014 P-225, 33-48 (2014).

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A theory of practice modelling -- elicitation of model pragmatics in dependence to human actions

Sebastian Bittmann and Oliver Thomas


Conceptual modelling is a constituting and popular theme in information systems research. With the proposal of different languages, concepts and methods, modelling has evolved to a sophisticated tool of systems design. With a focus on providing concepts with more enriched semantics, even more specific approaches have been developed, such as business process modelling and enterprise modelling. Providing a model often seems to be a means to an end, whether it is academic research or industrial cases. However, if the reasons to construct a model goes beyond analytical purposes, then the respective model must serve a sense of pragmatism, respectively needs to be utile with respect to the achievement of the different tasks an information system has. Therefore, this paper aims at a more restrained definition of the general modelling term, while it is consentient to the constructivism of modelling. Thereby, a model will be not seen as a solution, but a sophisticated manner to provide and evolve information. Having that in mind, such a conception of a model helps to purposefully create sophisticated and pragmatic models.

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