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Enterprise modelling and information systems architectures (EMISA 2013) P-222, 103-116 (2013).

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Do we need a standard for EPC modelling? the state of syntactic, semantic and pragmatic quality

Michael Fellmann , Sebastian Bittmann , Arne Karhof , Carl Stolze and Oliver Thomas


The quality determination of business process models is a complex and demanding task. In literature, a plethora of different quality criteria can be identified and are respectively used by practitioners. The selection of quality criteria depends on the one hand on the respective preferences of the individual modeller. On the other hand, it is prescribed by the modelling language in use, as it has embodied specific criteria e.g. based on its syntax. For the widespread EPC, no comprehensive overview of existing aspects for the evaluation of an EPC model's syntactic, semantic and pragmatic quality exists. With this investigation, we present such an overview and put the identified aspects into a holistic perspective based on the identified and relevant literature.

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