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BIOSIG 2013 P-212, 111-122 (2013).

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Video-based fingerphoto recognition with anti-spoofing techniques with smartphone cameras

Chris Stein , Vincent Bouatou and Christoph Busch


This work is concerned with the acquisition of fingerprints samples on smartphones with the built-in smartphone camera. A novel approach to capture multiple fingerphotos in a videostream with a smartphone camera and the processing of the photos for the finger recognition is discussed in this paper. The proposed technique offers a convenient and efficient way to capture multiple samples of a biometric instance in a short time frame. Due the fact that fingerphotos can be easily replicated with low effort (e.g. print outs with an ordinary printer) and thus are vulnerable to presentation attacks, anti-spoofing algorithms were developed to detect such spoof attempts. The algorithms for the detection and segmentation of the finger as well the preprocessing of the photo with graphical operations and anti-spoofing were implemented in a prototype as application for the Android operating system. User tests are performed to evaluate the usability and to create a database of biometric samples for offline evaluation of the recognition performance. Further tests are done with diverse artefacts such as printed finger images, fake fingers of gelatin, gummy and silicon as well finger replay videos to measure the resistance of the developed solution against presentation attacks.

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