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BIOSIG 2013 P-212, 313-320 (2013).

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Usability analysis of dynamic signature verification in mobile environments

Ramon Blanco-Gonzalo , Raul Sanchez-Reillo , Oscarmiguel-Hurtado and Judith Liu-Jimenez


Biometrics has experienced significant advances during the last years becoming involved in several systems. Nevertheless, many of these systems are rejected by users due to a lack of usability. This indicates that the user-system interaction is a factor which needs to be improved in biometric environments. Even less studied, are the dynamic modalities (gait, signature, voice, etc.) which include behavioural conditions which exhibit greater variability from person to person. This paper showcases some of the latest efforts made by authors in the analysis of usability in dynamic signature verification (DSV). Several outcomes (such as the importance of the styluses used or stress in users) were extracted in order to establish guidelines for future developments.

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