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EMISA 2012 P-206, 151-164 (2012).

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The projected TAR and its application to conformance checking

Johannes Prescher , Jan Mendling and Matthias Weidlich


Relational semantics of business process models have seen an uptake in various fields of application. As a prominent example, the Transition Adjacency Relation (TAR) has been used, for instance, to conduct conformance checking and similarity assessment. TAR is defined over the complete set of transitions of a Petri net and induces order dependencies between pairs of them. In this paper, we consider TAR in a more general setting, in which the order dependencies shall be derived only for a subset of projected transitions. We show how to derive this projected variant of TAR from the reachability graph of a reduced Petri net. We elaborate the projected TAR for conformance checking in a case from industry.

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