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12^th international conference on innovative Internet community services (I^2CS 2012) P-204, 177-189 (2012).

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The role of modeling in innovative business and community information systems

John Krogstie


Future internet systems have a number of properties supporting new innovative business and community systems. Event-driven architectures (EDA) providing varied information to support collaborative decision-making enable more decisions to be made closer to the problem owner. The "Internet of Things" (IoT) enables the Internet to reach out into the real world of physical objects. Mobile and collaborative applications and services utilizing information processing and process support enabled by sensor data from a vast numbers of connected and cheap devices and directly and indirectly from humans in control of these devices will change a number of markets. Future innovative business and community information systems will need to take this situation into account, addressing technological, methodological and conceptual challenges. This paper will focus on the latter, discussing in particular the potential role of model-based techniques and how to assess and improve the quality of models and modelling approaches in this setting using the SEQUAL framework.

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