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12^th international conference on innovative Internet community services (I^2CS 2012) P-204, 59-70 (2012).

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Integrating the individual vehicle in the transport system using open services in a distributed architecture

Tor K. Moseng and Marit Natvig


Road traffic management has traditionally been targeted through control and monitoring of the flow of vehicles, using the same measures towards all vehicles. As vehicles can have very different capabilities and profiles, it is however desired to use different control strategies towards the individual vehicles to meet the environmental, safety and efficiency targets for the future. SMARTFREIGHT has developed a holistic control and monitoring tool for managing the traffic, and individual vehicles in particular. The individual vehicle is integrated with the traffic management and freight distribution management centers by using open service interfaces for an interoperable information exchange between distributed systems across a heterogeneous wireless infrastructure. SMARTFREIGHT realized and successfully demonstrated this integration in its final event in Trondheim.

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