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Sicherheit, Schutz und Zuverlässigkeit (SICHERHEIT 2012) P-195, 25-34 (2012).

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On some conjectures in Itô security: the case for viable security solution

Jan Zibuschka and Heiko Roßnagel


Due to the increased utilization of computers and the Internet the importance of IT security has also increased. Naturally the field of IT security has grown significantly and has provided many valuable contributions in recent years. Most of the work is concerned with the design of systems offering strong technological security. With regard to behavioural factors, researchers build their work on assumptions about human behaviour that are prevalent in the field of IT security without considering the results and insights of related disciplines. In this contribution we challenge some of these widely held conjectures and offer alternative interpretations based on the results of neighbouring disciplines. Based on this analysis, we suggest new directions for the design of security solutions that support the inclusion of insights from reference disciplines during the design process.

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