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Out-of-sequence data processing for track-before-detect using dynamic programming

Felix Govaers , Wolfgang Koch , Rong Yang , Hoe Chee Lai , Gee Wah Ng and Loo Nin Teow


In the recent past, tracking applications increasingly develop towards distributed sensor scenarios. In many cases, such schemes must cope with low observable targets in cluttered environments. Furthermore, such a setup suffers from communication delays and timely delayed sensor data. However, Track-before-Detect methodologies are not suitable for processing time delayed data yet. In this paper, we propose a new extension to a Dynamic Programming Algorithm (DPA) approach for Trackbefore-Detect in distributed sensor systems. This extension enables the DPA to process time delayed sensor data directly. Such delay might appear because of varying delays in the installed communication links. The extended DPA is identical to the recursive standard DPA in case of all sensor data appear in the timely correct order. In an experimental study, we show that the derived algorithm can compensate all occurring time delays very well.

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