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MMS 2011: Mobile und ubiquitäre Informationssysteme Proceedings zur 6. Konferenz Mobile und ubiquitäre Informationssysteme (MMS 2011) P-185, 11-24 (2011).

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Activmon: A wearable ambient activity display

Patrick Burns , Christopher Lueg and Shlomo Berkovsky


Global increases in overweight and obesity are linked to a trend towards decreased levels of physical activity. In combating this problem, we present ActivMON - a wearable ambient display which illuminates with a varying colour to provide a user with an intuitive visualisation of their daily activity level, as well as using a pulsing illumination to provide an indication of the activity level of other users. ActivMON is able to progressively increase a user's daily activity goal to encourage a sustained increase in physical activity. We present an initial evaluation of ActivMON, as well as discussing possible future research directions involving the use of wearable ambient displays to motivate physical activity.

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