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A framework for evaluation and exploration of clustering algo- rithms in subspaces of high dimensional databases

Emmanuel Müller (Karlsruher Institut Für Technologie) , Ira Assent (Aarhus University) , Stephan Günnemann , Patrick Gerwert , Matthias Hannen , Timm Jansen and Thomas Seidl (Rwth Aachen)


In high dimensional databases, traditional full space clustering methods are known to fail due to the curse of dimensionality. Thus, in recent years, subspace clustering and projected clustering approaches were proposed for clustering in high dimensional spaces. As the area is rather young, few comparative studies on the advantages and disadvantages of the different algorithms exist. Part of the underlying problem is the lack of available open source implementations that could be used by researchers to understand, compare, and extend subspace and projected clustering algorithms. In this work, we discuss the requirements for open source evaluation software and propose the OpenSubspace framework that meets these requirements. OpenSubspace integrates state-of-the-art performance measures and visualization techniques to foster clustering research in high dimensional databases.

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