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INFORMATIK 2010 Business Process and Service Science - Proceedings of ISSS and BPSC P-177, 230-242 (2010).

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A tool for evaluationg the quality of business process models

Lobna Makni , Wiem Khlif , Nahla Zaaboub Haddar and Hanène Ben-Abdallah


Modeling business processes is an essential task when aligning, improving or automating existing business processes. To be efficient in such tasks, a business process model must be understandable, reusable and easily maintainable. For assessing the quality of a business process model, a set of quality metrics have been proposed either by adapting some mature software quality metrics, or by defining new metrics specific for business processes. The aim of this paper is to classify the quality metrics proposed so far within a framework defined in terms of design perspectives, and to implement this framework in a tool assisting in the evaluation of the quality of business process models. This tool helps the designers to select a subset of quality metrics corresponding to each design perspective and to calculate and interpret their values in order to improve the quality of their model.

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