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INFORMATIK 2010 Business Process and Service Science - Proceedings of ISSS and BPSC P-177, 80-93 (2010).

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Can tweets, pokes and wikis improve global software services?

Robert Martignoni and Jörg Stimmer


Social media sites are driving the development of the Internet. A detailed analysis of social media sites on a category level, revealed four key mechanisms. These are social context, content relevance, ease-of-use, and centralization of functions. The management of Global Software Services is increasingly supported by tools along the service life-cycle. It is argued these tools could be improved by systematically addressing the four key mechanisms. The implementation of these key areas is described and discussed in detail. The advantages and disadvantages are elaborated. The result of this contribution is that tools for GSS could significantly benefit from embedding socio-semantic elements.

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Gesellschaft für Informatik, Bonn
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