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INFORMATIK 2010 Business Process and Service Science - Proceedings of ISSS and BPSC P-177, 31-42 (2010).

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Service-oriented supply chain event management - A case study from the fashion industry

Ralph Tröger and Rainer Alt


Service-oriented architectures (SOA) are spreading in many organizations and aim at enhancing efficiency, agility, and productivity of business processes. Standardization and modularity enable the networking of applicationbased business functionalities especially in inter-organizational settings. This research analyzes the potentials of SOA in the domain of supply chain management (SCM), in particular supply chain event management (SCEM). Among the findings is that SCEM applications focus on specific functionalities and that integration of multiple application is required to support the entire SCEM process. Based on a systematic methodology, the key services required for SCEM are identified also using a case study from the fashion industry.

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